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Record Drawing Request Form

  1. Record Drawing Request Form
  2. Please complete the online form below to submit your record drawing request. In order to ensure accuracy and avoid a delay in responding to your inquiry, please include a marked-up location map (pdf or jpeg) of the subject area.
  3. Contact Information
  4. The requested record drawing information will be emailed to the above email address. If information cannot be emailed, please contact Kaitlyn Harvey at (301) 600-2079 to make other arrangements.
  5. Project Information
  6. Disclaimer: Information shown on any record drawing is for planning purposes only and Frederick County does not warranty the accuracy of this information. Vertical and horizontal information is approximate and must be field verified by the Requester to the satisfaction of the Requester. No part of the provided record drawing may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means for any purpose other than the use of the Requester without the express written permission of the Frederick County Division of Water and Sewer Utilities (DWSU), Department of Engineering and Planning. Physical entry into any DWSU utility vault or structure is strictly forbidden without prior DWSU approval. If access is required, contact the DWSU Maintenance Department at 301-600-2187 a minimum of 72 hours in advance. Requester is responsible for providing all confined space entry safety equipment and procedures.
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