Agritourism Workgroup

Recognizing the importance of agriculture to Frederick County’s economy, County Executive Jessica Fitzwater has appointed an Agritourism Workgroup to examine existing laws, regulations and programs related to the growing industry. Meeting dates and locations for the workgroup will be posted to this page as they are scheduled.

Standing up the workgroup begins to address a recommendation from Administration’s Transition Team, which called for support of Frederick County’s diversifying agricultural economy. The Transition Report recommends updating laws and processes that affect the agriculture industry.

“We need to modernize our system so our farms, and our farmers, can continue to thrive,” County Executive Fitzwater said. “Farming has changed substantially over the years. Our laws and regulations need not only to catch up, but they need to lay a foundation that will support innovation in the years to come.”

Members of the Agritourism Workgroup will review the County’s existing laws and regulations related to agritourism, review the County’s existing programs to support agritourism, identify major issues related to agritourism, and make recommendations to promote agritourism while protecting the health, safety and quality of life of Frederick County residents. The workgroup is to issue a report to the County Executive and County Council no later than Dec. 1, 2023.

The next meeting of the workgroup will take place at 6 p.m. Thursday, August 24, in Winchester Hall, 12 E. Church St., Frederick. | agendas & other material

Members of the Agritourism Workgroup include:

  • Tom Barse, Milkhouse Brewery
  • Bob Black, Catoctin Mountain Orchard
  • County Council Member Mason Carter
  • JoAnn Coates-Hunter, Fox Haven Organic Farm
  • County Council Member Jerry Donald
  • Lisa Gaver, Gaver Farm
  • Janna Howley, Grow & Fortify
  • Emma Jagoz, Moon Valley Farm
  • Mehrl Mayne, Mayne’s Tree Farm
  • John Miller, Burgess, Town of Middletown
  • Tom Mullineaux – Agriculture Business Council
  • Denny Remsburg, Frederick County Farm Bureau
  • Sam Roop, Brookfield Pumpkins
  • Emily Snyder, Rocky Point Creamery
  • Ben Sowers, South Mountain Creamery