Circuit Court


100 W Patrick St
Frederick, MD 21701


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Generally handles more serious criminal cases, major civil cases, including juvenile and other family law cases such divorce, custody and child support and most cases appealed from the District Court, orphans’ courts and certain administrative agencies. Circuit courts also hear domestic violence cases. Each County and the City of Baltimore has a circuit court. Cases may involve juries or sometimes are heard by a judge only.

Name Title Email Phone Additional Phone
Johman, Judy Court Administrator   301-600-1843  
Hahn, Erin Deputy Court Administrator   301-600-1467  
Hall, Colby Family Services Coordinator   301-600-2023  
Wolford, Paul Drug Court Coordinator   301-600-2978  
Jenkins, Lavena Assignment Commissioner   301-600-2563  
Minner, Julia Magistrate   301-600-2973  
Raymond, Joanie Magistrate   301-600-1476  
English, Kathleen Circuit Court Judge   301-600-2943  
Martz-Fisher, Julia Circuit Court Judge   301-600-1847  
Sandy, Richard Circuit Court Judge   301-600-6811  
Rolle, Scott Circuit Court Judge   301-600-6834  
Adams, Theresa Circuit Court Judge   301-600-1999  
Solt, Julie Circuit Court Judge   301-600-1998  
Dalton, Sandra Circuit Court Clerk   301-600-1906  
Lewis, Gloria Chief Deputy Circuit Court Clerk   301-600-1908