Kari's Law

In December 2013, Kari Hunt was killed by her estranged husband in a motel room in Texas. Her 9-year-old daughter attempted to dial 911, but the motel phone required “9” to be dialed to reach any outside line, including emergency services.

Kari’s Law requires all organizations or businesses that use a multi-line telephone system (MLTS) to provide direct dialing access to 911.

The State of Maryland passed HB1080. This requires a person that installs or operates a MLTS ensures that the system is connected to the public switched telephone network in such a way that an individual dialing 911 is connected to the public safety answering points without requiring the individual to dial any other number or set of numbers.

Contact your telephone or network provider and inquire how their services are set up to reach 911. Ask for direct dialing of 911 without having to dial an extension such as “9.”