Hiring Process

We offer one-stop hiring events.

These events include your application, CritiCall skills testing, an interview and orientation.   If a candidate is successful in all elements they will be given a conditional offer which allows them to move forward with the remaining steps.  

Those include background investigation, psychological evaluation, and physical/drug screen.  If all of those are completed successfully candidates are provided a final offer letter with start date for the next academy with openings. 

CritiCall Testing

CritiCall Testing is one of the ways we assess whether you might be a good fit for the job.

To successfully complete CritiCall testing, you do not need to know anything about Computer Aided Dispatch, 9-1-1 center operations, or how public safety agencies function.

CritiCall test skills and abilities such as:

  • multitasking
  • prioritization
  • map reading
  • memory recall
  • comprehension
  • probability
  • data entry
  • decision-making

We know taking a "test" can be anxiety inducing. If you do not achieve the required score on the CritiCall test, you are welcome to apply again.

While there is no practice version of CritiCall, Biddle (the maker of CritiCall) offers some practice tests for keyboarding, proofreading and spelling on their website as well as other resources you may find useful.