Residential Recycling Cart Request Form

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If your household does not have a recycling cart or bin, use this form to request one for no cost.
Each single family household is entitled to receive and use one recycling cart at no charge. Use this form to request a cart if your address does not have one.

Please note: Multi-family properties (apartment complexes, condominiums) are not eligible for the County's recycling program as Frederick County Government does not provide waste or recycling collection for commercial properties.

Keep in mind that recycling carts belong to Frederick County Government and are associated with a specific address. Carts stay at the house they’re assigned to, even if the homeowner moves.

Also, please note that carts cannot be permanently altered or marked on. (If you would like to label a cart with your address, try using duct tape or other non-permanent markings.)

Please note: newly constructed homes must first be added to our contractor's customer service database before delivery can be arranged. All newly-reported addresses are added to our database at the end of the month and carts for these homes are delivered during the first two weeks of the following month.

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