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1. When is the regional test occurring?
2. What if a real-world event happens on test day?
3. What’s so special about this test?
4. How will this group measure success?
5. What is WEA?
6. Are you doing this test because of what happened in Hawaii?
7. Why did you need to test the system?
8. What types of alerts are sent through WEA?
9. What is the WEA test message that will appear on my cell phone or enabled mobile device?
10. How will I know the difference between WEA and a regular text message?
11. How does WEA work?
12. How are WEA alerts delivered to the public?
13. Who receives a WEA alert?
14. Will a person receive multiple WEA alerts?
15. Does a member of the public sign up for WEA alerts?
16. What is the difference between a WEA alert and Alert Frederick County?
17. Will I be charged for receiving WEA messages?
18. Does WEA know where I am? Is it tracking me?
19. Are consumers able to receive WEAs on a prepaid phone?
20. How will I receive alerts if I don't have a WEA-capable device?
21. I received the alert later than others/or not at all. Why?
22. I’m an international visitor to the NCR. Will my phone receive a WEA?
23. How geographically precise is WEA?
24. How can I find out more information about WEA?
25. Who can I contact to find out more information about the WEA test in my jurisdiction?