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Utilities & Solid Waste Management

  1. Owner's Authorization to Bill Tenant or Third Party

    Request for tenant/third party billing

  2. Request for Fire Hydrant Flow Test

    Request for fire hydrant flow test for the Division of Water and Sewer Utilities

  3. Service Order Request - Interim Meter Reading

    Request for out-of-sequence water meter reading

  4. Water/Sewer Paperless Billing Application

    Request for paperless (e-mail) water/sewer bills

  1. Record Drawing Request Form

    Record Drawing Request Form for the DWSU Department of Engineering and Planning

  2. Request for Information Regarding Connection to County Water and/or Sewer

    Request for information for Department of Engineering and Planning

  3. Service Order Request - Water Meter Reading and Check for Service Line Leak

    Request for service line leak check at property