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Medicare Part D - Check Your Knowledge

  1. Medicare Part D Review

  2. 1. The person you are working with states that she takes 150mcg of Levothyroxine Sodium once daily and she gets her prescription filled every three months. How should this be entered into the plan finder, to ensure the most accurate results possible? *

  3. 2. You’re explaining to a client the Coverage Gap aka “Donut Hole,” the client asks you how’s it determined if someone enters the Donut Hole or not? *

  4. 3. A Beneficiary likes the plan she is on although, one of her medications will not be covered in the upcoming year. She wants to keep her same drug plan, what is your recommendation to her?*

  5. 4. A caregiver comes in to complete her mom’s Medicare Drug D plan. Her mother is currently residing in a Skilled Nursing Facility (SNF)/Assisted Living. The SNF uses a contracted Pharmacy. The contracted pharmacy does not appear as an option in the “Select your Pharmacies” screen. What is the best way to complete her mother’s Medicare Drug plan search? *

  6. 5. Who determines upon what Tier a medication is placed? *

  7. 6. Choose the vaccines that are covered under Medicare Part D *

  8. 7. You are with a client that wants to know what their out of pocket cost of the Shingles vaccine would be. You:*

  9. 8. Regarding clients with VA benefits and Medicare Part D, which statement is NOT true: *

  10. 9. Drug plans coverage varies from plan to plan. In what ways do they differ? *

  11. 10. In most cases someone who regularly fills _________ will likely go into the Donut Hole. *

    complete question above

  12. 11. When a drug plan has a deductible how does the beneficiary pay this?*

  13. 12. Which of the following statements is NOT true regarding Medicare Drug plans with a deductible? *

  14. 13. How often can a Medicare beneficiary who has the Extra Help/LIS (Low Income Subsidy) program switch prescription drug plans each year? *

  15. 14. It’s October 30, 2018 and you are running a drug plan comparison for your client. Your client is considering the SilverScript Choice plan that has no deductible and a monthly premium of $30.70. Your client has the Senior Prescription Drug Assistance Program (SPDAP). When looking at the projected Total Annual out of Pocket cost for 2019 the plan finder estimates the final cost to be $1,748. Considering all the information, choose the answer that best fits this scenario. *

  16. 15. You just enrolled your client into a drug plan and she wants to talk to you about one last thing. Since it’s also Open Enrollment for Supplemental Insurance (Medigap) she would like to review her coverage and potentially make a change. How should you respond to her request? *

  17. 16. You’ve entered your client’s information, prescriptions, pharmacy, etc.… When you get to the results page you see the name of his current plan but no other information is displayed. After reaching out to your coworker you’ve discovered:*

  18. 17. A client comes up as a “full dual” in the plan finder, but they have a letter saying they “no longer automatically qualify for full help” how do you proceed?*

  19. 18. When you enter the client’s information you get an error message stating records not found, how do you proceed?*

  20. 19. After you have entered all of the client’s information, what part of the plan finder is best for explaining what prices the client will pay for a specific medication during the various coverage stages (deductible, initial coverage, coverage gap, catastrophic)?*

  21. 20. There’s a plan that would save the client over $1,000 using one of the plans “preferred pharmacies” but the pharmacy they currently use is a “standard pharmacy” and they ask you what are the plans’ “preferred pharmacies.” What is the best way to get this information?*

  22. 21. You are working with a client who wants to look at specific pricing for Mail Order vs. Retail Pharmacy costs, what is the best way to get this information?*

  23. 22. The client you are with has “Partial Help,” they are diabetic but not currently on insulin. The plan that is currently most cost effective for them may not cover the insulin that the doctor is considering putting them on in the future, how do you proceed?*

  24. 23. There are certain cases outside of “open enrollment” referred to as a “Special Enrollment Period” (SEP) during which time a beneficiary is able to change their plan. Which of the following is NOT considered a “SEP”?*

  25. 24. The client you are working with paid a “Late Enrollment Penalty” (LEP) of $10.50 last year and when reviewing the drug plan results you inform the client that the plan finder does not reflect the LEP:*

  26. 25. If a client wants to take time to review the drug plan results and enroll at a later date, how can the client enroll in a new Medicare drug plan after the appointment? *

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