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How Recycling REALLY Works - Class Signup

  1. Registration for: How Recycling REALLY Works. The Basics & Beyond!
  2. Sure, recycling conserves natural resources and is part of a green economy…but how does it really work? DOES it work?! Learn how what you do at home is part of a global industry. This crash course will cover how to recycle effectively, review what can be recycled in Frederick County, and describe the impact that “wish-cycling” of non-recyclable materials has on the program. We'll also examine what happens to all the stuff after it is collected from your blue bin- where does it go and what does it become? The end result will be a better understanding of the whole recycling system, from household bins to international markets. Participants may bring in packaging or material samples they have questions about.
  3. This is an adult-level program and is a FREE event, but classroom space at each location is limited, so RSVP is requested. Thank you!
  5. (To register for the special session, "Plastics 101", please visit The Common Market's event page https://www.commonmarket.ccop/classes-events/plastics-101 )
  6. For additional information or to cancel your RSVP, please email Annmarie Creamer, Thank you!
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