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2019 Waste Reduction Survey 1

  1. Thank you for participating in our short survey! Your responses will provide us with a better understanding of what steps are already being taken locally to reduce waste, as well as what information our community may find helpful to take further action.
  2. Please check any of the following actions that your household is already taking:
  3. Did you know that you can take non-usable clothing (stained, torn, etc.) to any local Goodwill location to be recycled?
  4. Did you know that the Habitat for Humanity ReStore in Frederick accepts bed frames, bathroom fixtures, outdoor furniture, construction materials, tools, appliances as well as a wide variety of other household items? (Donating keeps these items out of the landfill!)*
  5. Select any of the following items your household has used/reused this year:
  6. Which of the following types of content would you like to see on our page?
  7. Leave This Blank: