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Citizen Services

  1. Local Care Team Spring Training & Retreat Registration

    Online 2020 LCT Spring Training & Retreat Registration

County Executive

  1. Complaint of Discrimination

    Before we can assist with your complaint, we will first need for you to provide us information by completing and submitting the form... More…

  2. Frederick County, Maryland - ADA - Complaint/Grievance Form
  1. Frederick County Jump Start Grants Notification

Division of Energy & Environment Forms

  1. Green Leader Brigade Interest Form

    The Green Leader Brigade is a group of volunteers, ages 16 and above, who help with yearly stream cleanups, tree plantings, and other... More…

Family Partnership

  1. Family Partnership of Frederick County Volunteer Application

    Thank you for your interest in a volunteer opportunity with Family Partnership! We look forward to exploring this opportunity with... More…

  1. Intake Form for Family Partnership Services

Fire & Rescue

  1. Behavioral Health Portal Contact Us
  2. DFRS Hosted Frederick County CDL Training Request Form
  4. Fire Report Request

    Fire Report and Investigation Summary Request Form

  5. Frederick County Public Safety Training Facility Reservation Form
  6. I Want to Report A Life Safety Hazard and/or A Fire Code Complaint!
  1. CDL Program New Instructor Request Form

    All new members are encouraged to GEAR UP (whether operational, or non-operational) for this enriching, educational and motivating... More…

  4. Frederick County Permitting Services Notification

    Form for submitting issues for Permitting Services to Review


Frederick County 275th

  1. Frederick County 275th Community Partner Interest Form

    Please fill out the questionnaire to apply to become an official Frederick County 275th Anniversary Community Partner

Liquor Board Forms

  1. Application Request Form

    Please complete this form with all required fields.

Planning and Permitting

  1. Historic Preservation Grant Workshop 2023
  2. Recovering Identity Public Forum Registration

    Topic: Update on Architectural Survey Project and Historic Context statement of North Frederick County Updates regarding the... More…

  3. Virtual Historic Preservation Grant Workshop 2023
  1. Historic Preservation Ordinance Open House Registration

    The Frederick County Historic Preservation Commission is reviewing proposed changes to the Historic Preservation Ordinance (Chapter... More…

  2. Virtual Historic Preservation Grant Workshop

Risk Management

  1. Citizen Injury or Property Damage Report

    This form is for use only when injury or damage by a county employee, or involves a county-owned vehicle or property, occurs.

  1. HIPAA Privacy Complaint Form

    This form is to report HIPAA privacy incidents. Filing a complaint is voluntary. However, without the information requested below, we... More…

Utilities & Solid Waste Management

  1. Owner's Authorization to Bill Tenant or Third Party

    Request for tenant/third party billing

  2. Request for Fire Hydrant Flow Test

    Request for fire hydrant flow test for the Division of Water and Sewer Utilities

  3. Service Order Request - Interim Meter Reading

    Request for out-of-sequence water meter reading

  4. Water/Sewer Paperless Billing Application

    Request for paperless (e-mail) water/sewer bills

  1. Record Drawing Request Form

    Record Drawing Request Form for the DWSU Department of Engineering and Planning

  2. Request for Information Regarding Connection to County Water and/or Sewer

    Request for information for Department of Engineering and Planning

  3. Service Order Request - Water Meter Reading and Check for Service Line Leak

    Request for service line leak check at property