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1. Where do I apply for a permit?
2. How can I check the status of my permit?
3. Why do I need a permit?
4. When is my project complete?
5. How can I obtain a Business License?
6. Do I need a permit for a fence?
7. Do I need a Building Permit to replace my deck if I’m replacing it with the same size deck?
8. How do I obtain an inspection?
9. How will I know if the inspection passed or failed?
10. If I purchase a pre-built shed that is delivered to my property, do I need a Building Permit since I’m not really building anything?
11. What do I have to show on my plot plan to submit for a Building Permit?
12. What are setbacks?
13. Do I need a permit for minor cosmetic work in my home?
14. Do I need a permit for an inflatable pool?
15. What type of plumbing work needs a plumbing permit?
16. What type of electrical work needs an electrical permit?
17. How do I obtain a Burning Permit?
18. Does my contractor need a home improvement license?