Priority Area: Housing & Quality of Life

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  • Establish Division of Housing
    • The County Executive created a Division of Housing in FY2024, and the County will hire a new director in the third quarter of 2023.

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  • Link Neighborhoods to Rec Spaces

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  • Lead Agency for CoC Collaborative
    • The County is in the process of becoming the lead agency.
  • Inventory County-Owned Land
    • Under the supervision of the Chief Administrative Officer, County staff are creating a comprehensive inventory of all County-owned land. This inventory will be used to identify opportunities for creative use of County-owned land, including affordable housing opportunities.
  • Service Coordination Model for Seniors
    • The County Executive announced on May 31, 2023, that Frederick County Government will transition to a service coordination model that will help seniors age in place, while continuing to provide subsidies for those who need residential skilled nursing.

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  • Housing Finance
  • Housing Preservation Strategy
  • Partner w/Munis to Increase Housing
  • APFO
  • Zoning Ordinance to Reduce Barriers

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