How do you notify residents of upcoming work?

The PMP’s practice for notification includes notices, in the form of a door hanger, that are placed on each property that abuts the scheduled work.  All residential properties that abut the road segments receive notices 2 days in advance of the planned work.  This notice is sent for the purpose of informing the adjoining residents of the upcoming work so they understand how their property may be impacted or what kinds of travel delays may result. This notice also provides a point of contact should they have any questions or experience any issues. The segments that have no scheduled repairs do not receive notifications. On the day of construction, PMP uses temporary traffic control devices for a one lane road closure to warn residents and non-residents and the traveling public of construction activities per the Maryland Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices (MdMUTCD) standards. 

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1. How do you notify residents of upcoming work?
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