I received a bill and I have insurance.

There are many times, for whatever reason, that your insurance information is not received or that the insurance information submitted is not current.  Our billing vendor will make every attempt to obtain your latest insurance information and submit a claim on your behalf.  You may also contact the billing vendor directly at 1-844-889-7701 to provide this information. 

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1. Who handles the billing for Frederick County?
2. How is my insurance information obtained?
3. How do I request a copy of my bill/report?
4. I received a bill and I have insurance.
5. I received a bill and I am a Subscription Club Member
6. Why didn't my insurance company pay for this?
7. I am a member of the Subscription Club. Why was the insurance company billed?
8. How do I pay my bill if I am not insured and I am not a Subscription Club Member?
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