Where do the Transit buses go?

a. Transit's Connector buses serve Frederick City and urbanized areas of Frederick County serving medical, employment, education, and shopping centers. Six Connector routes deviate within a ¾ mile corridor of the route (by request).

b. Commuter shuttles operate each weekday between Frederick, North Frederick, and the Route 85 business corridor. The East Frederick shuttle serves the Spring Ridge area, MVA, and FCC Monroe Campus Monday through Friday. The Brunswick/Jefferson and Emmitsburg/Thurmont Shuttles operate Monday through Saturday.

c. Two Meet-the-MARC shuttle routes operate each weekday providing service to the downtown Frederick and Point of Rocks train stations; the shuttles serve the Monocacy MARC Station upon request.

d. Transit-plus, Transit's demand-response paratransit system is a curb-to-curb service anywhere within Frederick County.

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6. Where do the Transit buses go?
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