How does the County prepare for an emergency?
The Division of Emergency Management regularly conducts practical exercises within the County and in conjunction with other public and private partners to refine our emergency management skills, and to test and evaluate our capability levels for dealing with possible emergency situations.

These exercises imagine incident-based scenarios that are most likely to occur and the County’s proposed response to the situation, based on available resources. The learning experiences gained from these exercises allow emergency managers to act as facilitators to emergency responders by providing support, expertise, and avenues to obtain resources that may be required to manage a particular incident.

Being aware and staying informed is key to reducing threats to life or property during a disaster. The Division of Emergency Management’s role is to support public safety agencies, continuity of government operations, and to provide reliable and timely information to the public during an emergency. The Emergency Operations Plan provides guidance across County departments, agencies and response organizations by describing an overall emergency response system.

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