Why do you ask for a copy of my deed?
We must establish that you are the owner of record on the property. If there are other names on the deed, they must provide consent.

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1. What does the Accessible Housing For Seniors program do?
2. Whay can't I just get a grant instead of a loan?
3. Do you have to have an existing disability to use this program?
4. What happens at the end of the 30 year deferral period and I still live in the house? Do I have to pay the money back in a lump sum?
5. What happens if I sell my house or if I transfer it to my adult child's name?
6. How does the loan get repaid if I should pass away?
7. What if I want to refinance my house and take cash out of the deal for a vacation and some new furniture? Does the AHFS lien have to be settled?
8. Is this some kind of reverse equity mortgage?
9. Would participating in this program prevent me from getting a reverse equity mortgage?
10. Can I pay off the loan on a monthly basis?
11. My house is paid for and my children think borrowing any money against it may not be a safe idea. Are they right?
12. What if I live in a trailer or manufactured home? Can I apply for a loan?
13. My wife and I live in a condominium. Can I apply?
14. I am 60 years old but my spouse is only 52. Can we apply?
15. My elderly parents live with me. Can I get a loan to make my house more accessible for them?
16. I want to add a bedroom and bathroom for a live-in caregiver. Is that eligible?
17. Can we get a loan to make our vacation home accessible?
18. What kinds of improvements can I make?
19. Is a stair glide eligible?
20. What if I also need a new roof and central air conditioning?
21. Why do you ask for a copy of my deed?
22. My income is over the limit by $100. Can I still apply?
23. My annual income meets the test but I own some other property. Is there an asset test that would exclude me?
24. How do I apply? Is help available filling out the application?
25. I'm in a wheelchair and don't have transportation to the local Aging office but need help with the application.
26. I have bad credit. Will that stop me from getting help?
27. I rent my house but need some doors widened to accommodate my wheelchair. Can my landlord apply?
28. After I am approved, how will I find a reliable contractor to do the work?
29. Who hires the contractor and how does he/she get paid?
30. What if the estimate for the work is over $15,000?
31. When a home is transferred to a child upon death of a parent, is the loan repayment due?