Division of Aging and Independence


1440 Taney Avenue
Frederick, MD 21702



Link: Division of Aging and Independence website

Name Title Email Phone Additional Phone
Browne, Michaela Veterans Advisory Council Coordinator 301-600-1414  
Bradshaw-Key, Edie Meal Specialist 301-600-1048  
Barnes, Cathy Brunswick Senior Center Supervisor 301-834-8115  
Chandler, Casi MOW Intake Specialist 301-600-3524  
Clark, Julie Service Navigator 301-600-1234  
Cox, Jordan Caregiver Program Coordinator 301-600-6022  
Devilbiss, Kitty Director, Home and Community Connections 301-600-3523  
Ditlow, Bryan Senior Center Assistant 301-600-1234  
Duva, Jayme Ombudsman 301-600-3591  
Hock, Cindy Service Navigator 301-600-3520  
Hofstra, Susan Urbana Senior Center Supervisor 301-600-7020  
House, Darren Virtual Senior Center Supervisor 301-788-1075  
Kirby, Caitlyn Emmitsburg Senior Center Supervisor 301-600-6350  
Lohman-Hinz, Melinda Caregiver Program Coordinator 301-600-6001  
Luhn, Teresa Service Navigator 301-600-6014  
Markowitz, Dara Frederick Senior Center Supervisor 301-600-3525  
Martin, Jodi Fiscal Administrator 301-600-2806  
Martino, Mia Ombudsman 301-600-2877  
Mayne, Jackie Senior Center Assistant 301-600-1234  
Murphy, Denise Administrative Specialist I 301-600-3561  
Morales, Dawn M. Client Services Administrator 301-600-1657  
Offord, Tonya Service Navigator 301-600-3533  
Oland, Courtney Service Navigator 301-600-1234  
Petersen, Brad Director, Resource and Service Navigation 301-600-3424  
Pflieger, Christine Guardianship Administrator 301-600-1691  
Ramsburg, Sue Administrative Specialist I 301-600-1234  
Rowe, Joy Maryland Access Point (MAP) Coordinator 301-600-2809  
Schey, Kathy Director, Division of Aging and Independence 301-600-2805  
Skelley, Ginny Nutrition and Health Manager 301-600-6008  
Subramanian, Linda Executive Assistant 301-600-2805  
True, Carolyn Director, AAA/Operations 301-600-3521  
Williams, Elly Service Navigator 301-600-3534  
Zile, Ian Service Navigator 301-600-3572  

Brunswick 50+ Community Center 

12 E. A Street
Brunswick, MD 21716


Link: Brunswick Center

Emmitsburg 50+ Community Center 

300 S. Seton Ave.
Emmitsburg, MD 21727


Link: Emmitsburg Center

Frederick 50+ Community Center 

1440 Taney Avenue
Frederick, MD 21702


Link: Frederick Center

Urbana 50+ Community Center 

9020 Amelung Street
Urbana, MD 21704


Link: Urbana Center

Scott Key Center 

1050 Rocky Springs Rd
Frederick, MD 21702

1050 Rocky Springs Road
Frederick, MD 21702


Link: Scott Key Center

Name Title Email Phone Additional Phone
Lore, Sean Director 301-600-1601  
Daly, Sassy Sr. Community Support Manager 301-600-1481  
Baker, Jennifer Administrative Coordinator 301-600-1602  
Crum, Mary Day Services Manager 301-600-6067  
Nearchos, Greg Community Support Manager - Janitorial 301-600-1484 301-471-5950
McCann, Erica Community Support Manager - Community Access 301-600-2539 240-910-5623
Spottswood, Michelle Individual Supports Manager 301-600-1631 240-910-5626
Wheatley, Maya Individual Supports Manager 301-600-1482 240-831-1030
Winn, Matt Transportation Specialist 301-600-1675 240-831-1040
Byrd, Marissa Registered Nurse 301-600-1704 240-405-4784
Galey, Marcia Job Development Specialist 240-831-1028  
Triplett, Katie Job Development Specialist 240-931-7715