Voices of Frederick County

275th Anniversary Commemorative Book

275 Commemorative Book

As part of Frederick County's 275th Anniversary Celebration, the 275th Planning Committee has partnered with Frederick Magazine to bring you Keyed In: Frederick County at 275, our official commemorative book. 

With this book, it is our aim to not only provide historical information and share the incredible progress the county has made in its long history, but also to include stories of those who have experienced and shaped our region. 

In this book, you'll find Frederick County's history categorized into multiple themes. Included are interviews with community members who have seen and influenced the past, present, and future of Frederick County. 

We hope these stories will spark a conversation and encourage reflections on our history, but also how the past is impacting our region today. 

Print copies of the book are available for pick up at Frederick County Public Libraries branch locations. 

'Voices of Frederick County' Video Series 

Each month throughout our 275th Anniversary year, we will highlight a 'Voice' in our community who is helping make Frederick County a place truly worth celebrating in several Key categories including Agriculture, Transportation, Government, Looking Forward- Today and Tomorrow, Business, History, and more.

A unique voice helping us Look Forward: Meet Frederick County Health Department's Equity Office Director, Danielle Haskin. She's using her voice to make Frederick County a healthier place for everyone.

A unique voice helping us Look In Our Local History: Meet Bernard "Buddy" Ambrose Hill. He's using his voice as one of only a few black barbershop owners in Frederick County.

A unique voice helping us Look In Our Local History: Meet Mary Mannix. She's using her voice to share her passion for Frederick County's History with others. 

Unique voices helping us Look Forward: Meet Julie and Sam Castleman, Executive Director of Thorpewood. They are using their voices to share their dedication to Frederick County's great outdoors and serve the community. 

A unique voice in our community who is helping us in several Key Categories such as Looking Forward, Government, Business, History, Changing Communities: Meet Frederick County Council Vice-President Kavonté Duckett. He is using his voice as the first African American elected to Frederick County Government to pave the way for persons of color and serve all Frederick County residents.

A unique voice in our community who is helping us in Changing Communities: Meet Glorie Cassutto, Program Director at The Frederick Center, who has always had a passion for social work and turned it into a career.  Glorie is using their voice to provide support for the LGBTQ+ community of Frederick County.

A unique voice in our community who is helping share the History of Frederick County is Charles W. Bare, a lifelong Frederick County resident who served in World War II. For the past 10 years he has participated in Rose Hill Park's Annual WWII Weekend.

Unique voices in our community who are helping us in Changing Communities are Maria Herrera and Natalie Cioffi of the Spanish Speaking Community of Maryland. They are using their voices to provide crucial immigration services and meet the needs of the growing Spanish speaking population in Frederick County.

A unique voice helping us Look In Our Local Agriculture: Meet Lisa Gaver. For decades, Lisa and her family have been operating Gaver Farm in the Mount Airy and Libertytown area.  They actively farm year-round including corn, soy, hay, and sunflowers. In the Fall and Christmas seasons, they are open for events to entertain and educate the public on all things agriculture.