Medicare Part D Open Enrollment Disclaimer

Medicare Part D Open Enrollment Period
October 15-December 7, 2023

Before entering Frederick County’s State Health Insurance Program (SHIP) Medicare Part D web page, please read and accept the following SHIP Education Disclaimer.  In lieu of a signature, please click the box below to acknowledge that you have read, understand and agree to the SHIP Education Disclaimer.

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SHIP Education Disclaimer

The State Health Insurance Program (SHIP) is a Government program administered by the Frederick County Division of Aging and Independence operating under the auspices and guidelines set by the Maryland Department of Aging. SHIP education is intended to help me understand Medicare, Medicare Part D, Medicare Advantage, Medicare supplement insurance, and other insurance options in an objective manner. I understand that SHIP education is provided by trained SHIP counselors, who are acting in good faith to provide education and information to me.

The education provided through the Division of Aging and Independence website and the Frederick County Medicare Part D webpage, shall not be construed as legal or financial advice. Division of Aging and Independence staff, and SHIP counselors are neither affiliated with the insurance industry, nor are they financial planners, accountants or attorneys, or acting as such. They do not sell, recommend, or endorse any specific insurance product, agent, or insurance company.

The Division of Aging and Independence, its staff, including SHIP counselors, assumes no responsibility for decisions made or actions taken by me as a result of receiving Medicare and Medicare Part D education. I, therefore, hold harmless the Frederick County, Maryland, its employees and agents, the Maryland Department of Aging, of any liability, direct or indirect, arising out of the education provided in accordance with SHIP program guidelines.

By clicking “accept” at the bottom of this page, I acknowledge that I have read and agree with the above terms of this disclaimer.

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