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Frederick County Climate Emergency Resolution 20-22

The City of Frederick Climate Emergency Resolution 20-07

Climate Emergency Mobilization Workgroup 

CEMWG Portal Information Graphic Opens in new windowThe Climate Emergency Mobilization Workgroup is a joint Frederick County - Frederick City workgroup authorized by the County Council, the Mayor, and Board of Alderman through the Climate Emergency Resolutions adopted in 2020. The charge of the Workgroup is to: 

  1.  Consider four main Climate Emergency concerns of specific relevance to Frederick County and City:
  • Energy, Transportation and Buildings
  • Agriculture, Forestry and Sequestration
  • Health and Extreme Weather Adaptation and Resilience
  • Public Engagement and Education
  • Present a status report to the County Council and City Mayor and Aldermen on the progress of the Workgroup.
  1. Present a status report to the County Council, County Executive, City Mayor and Aldermen on the progress of the Workgroup six months after the first meeting. 
  1. Submit a final report to the County Council, County Executive, City Mayor and Aldermen, and to the public including legislative, administrative, and community recommendations to assist the County and City with meeting the goals of this resolution; 1) implement policy and legislative actions through the lens of climate change; 2) reduce county- and city-wide greenhouse gas emissions 50% from 2010 levels by 2030 and 100% no later than 2050, and employ efforts to safely drawdown carbon from the atmosphere, 12 months after the first meeting.    
  2. Address questions from the County Council, City Mayor and Aldermen, and their representatives for up to eight weeks following report submission. 

Meeting Schedule - 

The Workgroup will meet the second and fourth Thursday of each month, 5:00 - 7:00 PM.

These virtual meetings will be open to the public.  To listen to the meeting, please dial 855-925-2801, enter meeting code 8007, enter *1 to listen.  If you would like to speak live during the public comment portion of the meeting, enter *3 to be placed into a muted queue.  The system will tell you when you may begin your 3-minute comment.