Steve McKay - District 2

My family and I have lived in Monrovia since 1999. My wife Pam is a stay at home mom, co-founded a community organization called Residents Advocating for Land use and the Environment (RALE), and keeps very busy with her community outreach activities. Our youngest son is currently in the 8th grade at Windsor Knolls Middle School. Our youngest daughter Melissa is in the US Coast Guard.  Following her first two years of service in the Fleet, saving lives at sea and protecting our waters from drug smugglers and human traffickers, she is currently training to conduct safety and environment inspections at Boston harbor. Our eldest son Michael is in the US Navy, currently in training as a helicopter machinist. Our eldest daughter Jennifer is also a stay at home mom and lives in Middletown with her husband and three children.

My experience in community service began in RALE, where I was President from mid-2013 until my resignation to pursue this County Council seat. I have been a strong advocate for responsible growth in the community, most notably in RALE's fight against the Monrovia Town Center. I also worked tirelessly to strengthen our public ethics standards and was frequently seen at Winchester Hall providing public comment on any number of issues.  During this period, I was also the Treasurer for my son’s Cub Scout Pack at Green Valley Elementary School for three years.

I have spent the last 32 years as a professional in the National Security arena, providing analysis and program management support to my government clientele.  I received my Masters in Public Management from the University of Maryland in 1987, and my Bachelor of Arts in Political Science from Boston University in 1985.

Know Your Frederick County Council:  Steve McKay