Special "One-Day" Licenses (Per Diem)

A license is required whenever alcohol is being sold.  This could be at a cash bar, included in a price of a ticket or entry fee (set fee or donation), or for purchase of a ticket or token to exchange for an alcoholic beverage.

For frequently asked questions, please see below.

There will need to be 100% of the staff/volunteers who are selling or in the service of alcohol be Alcohol Awareness certified. 

 Example – If you have 15 volunteers working an event, 1 checking tickets at the door, 5 cooking, 5 serving food, 2 working at the ‘bar’ area, 2 selling raffle chances, ONLY the 2 selling drinks at the bar area will need to be certified. 

We understand this may be difficult to achieve in a limited time. Please contact the office if you have concerns that you will not be able to meet the 100% requirement.

 If you or your employees need training, classes are held regularly:

  1. At our Tilco office. Register online for a class.  The fee for the class is $40.
  2. Offsite Trainings are also available. THESE ARE NOT ALWAYS PUBLISHED ON OUR WEBSITE. If you need a CUSTOM class to accommodate at least 10 people, please reach out by email LiquorBoard@FrederickCountyMD.gov or call 301-600-2984 during business hours (7:30am-3:30pm)

**PLEASE NOTE**ONLINE Alcohol Awareness training classes are NOT recognized in the State of Maryland IF THE EXAM IS NOT PROCTORED IN PERSON with a certified trainer**

Applications REQUIRE original signatures but may be submitted electronically. No e-signatures will be accepted.
Special Event and Anniversary Bottles are permitted; however, you must contact staff for further details.