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Establishing Community Ties
The Frederick County Sheriff's Office continually strives to establish ties with the community and to keep the lines of operation open to the needs of the community.

Community Relations functions are shared by all members of the Frederick County Sheriff's Office, sworn and non-sworn. Every member of the office is responsible for promoting good community relations to meet the goals of the office and the needs of the public.


The objectives of effective community relations are to establish direct contact with the community through the school system (Deputy Ed, School Resource deputies), demonstrations (K-9, SST, etc.), community groups (Neighborhood Watches, civic organizations, clubs, private citizens), and professional organizations (teachers' associations, bar associations, medical associations), in order to gain support of law enforcement activities.

Citizen's Survey
The Citizen's Survey is an online survey of citizen's attitudes toward the Sheriff's Office. The results of the survey will be forwarded through the chain of command and incorporated into the community Services Section of the Frederick County Sheriff's Office Annual Report.

This survey will include:
  1. Overall agency performance
  2. Overall competence of Sheriff's Office employees
  3. Attitude and behavior of deputies toward citizens
  4. Community concern for safety and security within the community
  5. Suggestions and recommendations for bettering service to the community