STAR Communities

​​“The STAR framework, which integrates economic, environmental, and social aspects of sustainability, provides communities with a menu-based system to customize their approach based on local conditions and priorities.”

In conjunction with the Livable Frederick Work Group and the County Executive, the Office of Sustainability and Environmental Resources (OSER) is striving towards certifying Frederick County as a STAR Community.

The Framework

The framework for certification uses a rating and point system based on seven (7) goal areas with seven (7) objectives for each area. Communities can be rated and certified as a 3-STAR, 4-STAR, or 5-STAR Community based on the goal areas and point ranges that are reported on. The Community Rating certification lasts for four years after the award date and could take up to year reach once the process is initiated. With the efforts and local actions of public, private, and nonprofit organizations, Frederick County can become a rated STAR community.

STAR's Goal Areas

  • Built Environment: Achieve livability, choice, and access for all where people live, work, and play.
  • Climate & Energy: Reduce climate impacts through adaptation and mitigation efforts and increase resource efficiency.
  • Economy & Jobs: Create equitably shared prosperity and access to quality jobs.
  • Education, Arts, & Community: Empower vibrant, educated, connected, and diverse communities.
  • Equity & Empowerment: Ensure equity, inclusion, and access to opportunity for all community members.
  • Health & Safety: Strengthen communities to be healthy, resilient, and safe places for residents and businesses.
  • Natural Systems: Protect and restore the natural resource base upon which life depends.