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​30 North Market Street
​Frederick, MD 21701

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Office: 301-600-1416
​​ Fax: 301-600-2054

Frederick County Division of Energy and Environment Staff Contacts

Shannon Moore
Phone:  240-608-7406
Kristin Mielcarek
Grants Manager
Phone: 240-549-2271
Annmarie Creamer
Communications Manager
Phone:  301-748-9483
Leann Nizzardi                      Administrative Specialist        Email                                      301-600-1416
Tiara Richardson
Sustainability Program Manager
Phone: 301-514-4626

Department of Climate & Energy

Dawn Ashbacher
Phone:  240-608-5503
Benjamin Burrows                Program Administrator            Email                                      Phone:  240-931-8874
Lindsey Humphrey
Program Administrator
Phone:  240-772-0390

Logan McSherry
Project Manager
Phone:  240-578-2834

Department of Stormwater

Don Dorsey
Department Head
Phone:  240-831-1975
Ayodeji Adesuyi
GIS Analyst
Phone: 240-741-3540

Kim Campbell
Project Manager
Phone:  301-712-5928
Suzanne Cliber
Program Specialist
Phone:   240-385-7226
Bob Cramer
Environmental Inspector
Phone: 240-549-2428

Emily Gorsky
Administrative Specialist
Phone: 240-578-3773
Benjamin Green          Project Manager            Email                              Phone:  301-471-8705
Jeremy Joiner
Project Manager
Phone: 240-831-1995
Linda Williamson
Project Manager
Phone:  240-608-7426