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Green Homes Challenge

The Green Homes Challenge guides, rewards, and recognizes households for saving energy, adopting environmentally-friendly lifestyle practices, and using renewable energy. 

Green Ambassadors

A Green Ambassador serves as a volunteer leader for one year and commits to motivating others to become more energy efficient, adopt environmentally-friendly lifestyles, and use renewable energy through the Green Homes Challenge.  It’s a flexible role; there is no set schedule or required number of volunteer hours.

Powerware Parties

Powerware Parties are fun, interactive gatherings of 10-20 people who are interested in becoming more "power-aware." They are ideal for hosting within an affiliated community such as a workplace, faith community, neighborhood association, or school. Contact for more information. 

Power Saver Retrofits Program

Power Saver Retrofits (PSR) program provides Home Performance with Energy Star audits and energy saving home improvements to moderate- and low-income households.