Division of Energy and Environment

The Frederick County Division of Energy and Environment's key focus areas revolve around addressing climate crisis, providing watershed management, and developing sustainability programs for the community. Our team provides resources and initiatives for businesses and homeowners to reduce their environmental impact- and discover economic and technological benefits in the process. 

The Division of Energy and Environment (DEE) has two departments: the Department of Stormwater and the Department of Climate and Energy. Together, these departments coordinate Frederick County’s Government's climate emergency mobilization efforts, working to build operational and community resiliency, conserve resources, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, protect our Chesapeake Bay watershed, and protect citizens and waterways from climate-driven flooding. 

DEE uses transparent processes, interagency collaboration, and community input to deliver equitable and inclusive programs that make Frederick County Government a regional leader in the response to climate change.

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Contact Us

Office Phone: 301-600-1416

Fax: 301-600-2054

E-mail: sustainability@frederickcountymd.gov

Mailing Address: 30 North Market Street, Frederick, MD 21701