Community Needs Assessment Survey

Please take our brief survey.

The Frederick County Office for Children and Families (OCF) and the Local Management Board are seeking community input for the tri-annual Community Needs Assessment.  The Community Needs Assessment is being conducted in order to gather local data regarding the current needs of children and families in Frederick County, community strengths, available programs, service and resources, gaps and overlap in services, and services by geographic area. As a part of this process, the OCF is conducting a community based survey to gather feedback from the public. 

The Office for Children and Families is requesting that you take the brief survey. This survey will be open online until Tuesday, May 10, 2016.  Public feedback is necessary in order to effectively determine the current status and future projection of strengths and needs in programs targeted for children and families in the area. 

The Community Needs Assessment, when finalized, will be used to plan, develop and implement services in Frederick County to improve outcomes for our children, youth and families

For more information, please contact our office at 301-600-1063.