Rental Allowance Program

Rental Allowance Program (RAP)

The Rental Allowance Program, often referred to as RAP, is administered by the Frederick County Department of Housing and Community Development.

RAP is a short-term rental assistance program to help households through a temporary crisis situation that puts stable housing at risk. The goal of RAP is to assist people to move into self-sufficiency by providing transitional assistance for a limited period while the family moves through a short-term financial crisis.

Applicants must be financially eligible according to family size and gross annual income. Generally, the applicant may not have a gross annual income greater than 30% of the HUD-published area median income and must have a verifiable plan to increase income over the six months the program is in effect.

Household Size
Monthly Subsidy

For additional program information, please review the Fact Sheet below.

Income Limits, Rental Programs
Rental Allowance Program Fact Sheet