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The data layers listed below are available for download as a countywide file.    Please use the links below to access zipped file containing shapefile format. 

Digital Elevation Model (DEM), and ortho-image data is available in tiled format for the purpose of download efficiency due to large file size.  Please visit the Orthophoto Download or DEM Download to download these files.

Addresses Download Now
Agricultural Preservation
County Held, CREP, Critical Farms, Farms, FFP, IPP, ISTEA, MALPF Districts/Easements, MET, Rural Legacy
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Buildings Download Now
Comprehensive Plan
Community Facilities, Community Growth Area, Comp Plan Designation, Highway Plan
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Please expect longer than usual download times as these files are very large.
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Survey Control Monuments Download Now
Streams, Rivers/Lakes, Dams, Watersheds, Subwatersheds, Feeder Streams, Catchments
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Index Grids
Tax Grid, Tax Grid Towns, Tax Subgrid, Ortho Grid (2005), Ortho Grid (2007)
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Edge Of Pavement Download Now
Fence Download Now
Forest Download Now
Forest Easements Download Now
Parcels Download Now
Planning Regions
Plan Region, Zoning
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Points of Interest
Farmers Markets, Government Facilities, Hotels, Libraries, Places of Worship, Post Offices, Shopping Centers
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Political Features
County Boundary, Election Districts, Municipalities, Place Names, Election (2016), Polls (2016)
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Public Safety
Emergency Service Zones (Brunswick Police, City of Frederick Police, Frederick County Animal Control, Frederick County DPW, Frederick County Fire, Frederick County Police Districts, Frederick County Sheriff's Office, Maryland State Police, Parks, Thurmont Police), Countywide Hydrants, Fire Service Ares, Fire Stations, Hospital, Police Stations
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Park Facilities (Line/Point/Polygon), Parks Boundary, Parks (Point)
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Districts (Elementary/Middle/High Schools), School Property
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Bridges (Point/Polygon), Frederick Municipal Airport, Highway Districts, MARC Rail Lines, MARC Rail Stations, Railroads, Railroads (Historic), Streets, Traffic Counts
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Water and Sewer
Frederick County & City of Frederick Service Area Polygons
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Zipcode Boundaries Download Now
Zoning Download Now
All data layers are updated as needed.  Planimetric data including buildings, hydro polygons, hydro lines, bridge polygons, edge of pavement, fence, forest, and utilizes are developed from orthophoto imagery flown in the Spring of 2014.

All data is provided in the following coordinate system:

Projected Coordinate System Name:    NAD_1983_StatePlane_Maryland_FIPS_1900_Feet
    Projection:    Lambert Conformal_Conic
    False_Easting:    1312333.333333
    False_Northing:    0
    Central_Meridian:    -77.00000
    Standard Parallel:    38.300000
    Standard Parallel:    39.450000
    Latitude_of_Origin:    37.666667
    Linear Unit:    Foot_US (0.304801)

Geographic Coordinate System Name:   GCS_North_America_1983
    Angular Unit:    Degree (0.017453292519943295)
    Prime Meridian:    Greenwich (0.000000000000000000)
    Datum:    D_North_American_1983
    Spheroid:    GRS_1980
    Semimajor Axis:    6378137
    Semiminor Axis:    6356752.3141403561
    Inverse Flattening:    298.257222101000020000

If you have any questions, please contact Frederick County GIS via email or by phone at (301) 600-0077.  

While efforts have been made to ensure the accuracy of this data, Frederick County accepts no liability or responsibility for errors, omissions, or positional inaccuracies in the content of this data. Reliance on this data is at the risk of the user. The data is for illustrated purposes only and should not be used for surveying, engineering, or site-specific analysis.

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