County Council 

2022-2026 County Council

Council Member Steve McKay, Council President Brad Young, Council Member Renee Knapp, Council Member MC Keegan-Ayer, Council Vice-President Kavonté Duckett, Council Member Mason Carter, and Council Member Jerry Donald


Frederick County transitioned from the County Commissioner form of government to the County Charter form of government on December 1, 2014.  Under Charter Government, there is an Executive Branch with a County Executive and a Legislative Branch with a County Council.

For many years, all five County Commissioners were elected in at-large elections by all county voters.  Under the new Charter Government, the County Executive and only two of the County Council members are elected at-large. 

The seven-member County Council consists of five members elected by district and two elected at-large.  Council members have the power to initiate legislation.  Legislative sessions are limited to 45 days yearly and non-legislative sessions as needed.  To find your district, click on the Board of Elections link.

County Council members serve for four years and no more than three consecutive terms, and receive $35,000 per year with no benefits.

Council Meetings are held on Tuesdays beginning at 5:30 pm

County Council Participaton Portal Graphic 2023

Council Meeting Viewing Options
  1. Comcast Channel 19 (SD)
  2. Comcast Channel 1085 (HD)
  3. Online at FCG-TV
Council Meeting Listening OptionCall 855-925-2801 and enter code 8365
Council Meeting Participation Options
  1. Attend in-person meetings in the 1st Floor Hearing Room in Winchester Hall
  2. Call 855-925-2801 and enter code 8365, press 2 to record a voicemail message that will be transcribed and forwarded to the Council Members.
  3. Call 855-925-2801 and enter code 8365, press 3 to be placed in a muted queue to speak during public comment
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