Office for Children & Families

About the Office

The Frederick County Office for Children and Families, home of the Local Management Board, seeks to create a more efficient and effective system of care for the children and families of Frederick County through:

  • Developing service, family, community, and financial partnerships
  • Designing goal-directed services that are client centered and family focused
  • Targeting resources to families with the greatest needs
  • Implementing a monitoring system to determine client and cost outcomes

Vision Statement

Partnering with the community to improve results for children and families.

Boards and Subcommittees

  1. Local Management Board
  2. Local Care Team
  3. Early Childhood Committee

The Frederick County Local Management Board (LMB) serves as an advisory board in the management and oversight of the implementation of the Frederick County Office for Children and Families and the creation of the results-based interagency service delivery system for children, youth and families.