Adoption Steps

How to Adopt
  1. Visit the shelter and select an animal. Visit with the animal.
  2. We accept 2 applications per dog, cat or kitten** in case a first applicant falls through.
  3. Fill out an application and schedule an interview (we will schedule spay or neutering for your pet here at the shelter).
  4. Meet with an adoption counselor and if there's a match, you take your pet home.
*Shelter requirements - Landlord approval, other cats, dogs and ferrets must have a current rabies vaccination and cats and dogs need a license. Everyone in your household should meet the pet to be sure it's a good match. If you like, you can even arrange to have your dog meet a dog you are considering adopting but this is not required.

**Puppies - We accept 4 applications on canines between 8 weeks and 1 years old. Shelter staff will select the best applicant to interview. We often have more families interested in each puppy and because some of our puppies are returned for chewing and being rambunctious, we want to choose people who are ready for the full experience.