Sustainability Awards

About the Awards
The Frederick County Sustainability Commission's Sustainability Awards are presented annually to 1 employee or office of Frederick County government, 1 organization (municipality, non-profit, or private), and 1 member of the general public who lives or works in Frederick County that have made an outstanding contribution in helping Frederick County advance sustainability efforts.

Awards are given based on demonstrated leadership, innovation and success in sustainability.

Awards will be presented at the Sustainability Awards/Recycling Recognition Event with County Executive Jan Gardner. This will take place from 3:00 to 4:00pm on May 19, 2016 at Winchester Hall on 12 E. Church St., Frederick, MD 21701.

Photos from Frederick County 2016 Sustainability Awards Meeting (links)
1. Presentation of Awards by County Executive Jan Gardner and FCSC Chairman Tom Anderson
2. Natural Hair Fusion Salon: Kelly Chapin and Earl Pindar
3. Richard Maranto
4. Matt Witmer
5. Frederick Community Action Agency: Brad Petersen
6. Frederick Community Action Agency: Brad Petersen and Staffer
7. AstraZeneca: Michelle Paul and Hannah Nickerson
8. Virginia (Ginny) Brace
9. Shannon Moore (OSER), County Executive Gardner, Matt Witmer, and Tom Anderson

2016 Winners
  • Organization: Natural Fusion Hair Studio
The Natural Fusion Hair Studio, located in the City of Frederick, has gone above and beyond in operating a sustainable shop.  They are the first salon in the state to recycle salon waste and are now Maryland’s first Green Circle Salon.  The owners have achieved a 95% reduction in their salon waste through the program. As a Green Circle Salon, they recycle hair and other salon waste, such as hair products.  This recycling service costs the owners $400 per month---a cost which is not passed on to customers as the usual “environmental fee.”  The owners are encouraging other salons in Frederick to join the Green Circle Salon partnership.  They also are using sustainable products in their shop.  In addition, they have instituted a number of sustainable practices throughout the site, such as implementing LED and natural lighting, reuse of materials for furniture, and a native plant garden.

  • Individual: Rich Maranto
Rich Maranto has been active in Frederick County working on sustainability issues since at least 2006, when he first volunteered to help with the Metro DC Tour of Solar and Green Homes.  Thanks to his efforts, we now have the annual Maryland Solar and Green Homes Tour.  He also created the Frederick County Green Drinks program in 2009 where residents and local businesses can network and learn about energy efficiency, renewable energy and other aspects of sustainability.  He has also been actively involved and played key roles in the Land and Cultural Preservation Fund, Citizens for the Preservation of Middletown Valley, the U.S. Green Building Council’s Maryland Chapter, the American Solar Energy Society.  Rich also served on Frederick County’s Sustainability Commission from 2009 to 2012.

  • Nonprofit Organization: Frederick County Action Agency
The Frederick Community Action Agency has administered the County’s Weatherization Assistance Program since 1995.  During that time it has weatherized hundreds of County homes.  The Weatherization Program assists low income residents to reduce their energy consumption.  The program consists of an initial energy audit, where energy saving tips and green program information is shared.  Energy saving measures are then implemented as needed.  These measures include:  switching to compact fluorescent bulbs and/or low flow faucets and showerheads, supplementing existing insulation, air sealing, replacing inefficient appliances, and optimizing or replacing heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) systems.  These are measures that the County’s low income residents would likely not be able to complete without the assistance that the Frederick Community Action Agency provides. 

  • County Employee: Matt Witmer

Matthew Witmer has volunteered with the County’s Office of Sustainability and Environmental Resources during the past year.  During that time he has spent many hours developing restoration plans for local waterways that have been impaired due to excessive amounts of nitrogen, phosphorus and sediment.  Specifically, Matt developed lists of projects, researched them in the field, and reviewed plans to determine their pollutant removal.  He also completed the calculations for the removal of nitrogen, phosphorus and sediment for nine total maximum daily load (TMDL) scenarios and led a team to develop a restoration plan for one of those scenarios.  Matt has often worked evenings and weekends to complete his work.  His efforts have saved the County approximately $70,000 in avoided consultant costs.

  • Organization Certificate: AstraZeneca Frederick Manufacturing Center (FMC)

The AstraZeneca Frederick Manufacturing Center (FMC) has created a sustainable campus through company policy (including aggressive goals to reduce energy, water, and waste) and employee support in protecting the environment.  The facility purchases 100% Renewable Energy Credits for its electricity use, reducing its carbon footprint by 35,000 metric tons this year.  This is equivalent to the energy usage of over 3000 households in a year.  There are two solar-powered electric vehicle charging stations on campus and a facility electric truck.  LED lighting has been installed in manufacturing areas with additional installations in the parking lots and offices planned for this year.  An employee Green Team encourages sustainability awareness among employees both at work and at home.  FMC holds sustainability annual events, such as office supply reuse/donation and employee electronics recycling.  The facility has strong solid and biohazardous waste recycling programs, as well as a water conservation program to reuse process water from operations.

  • Individual Certificate: Ginny Brace
Ginny Brace was instrumental in developing the Friends of Waterford Park group and serves as its Chair.  The group consists of volunteers who work to control invasive plants, plant trees, clean up trash, install interpretive signs, and improve the natural experience for park visitors.  Ginny obtained grants for much of this work.  Ginny has helped to have Waterford Park reach the Green Category in the Maryland Department of Natural Resources People Loving and Nurturing Trees (PLANT) Program.  PLANT is a statewide award program that recognizes communities for their tree planting and tree care efforts.  While a member of the Frederick County Forestry Board, Ginny started a weekly column on the natural world for the Frederick News Post (FNP) in 2008.  That column evolved into the Nature Notes column, which appears in every Sunday edition of the FNP.  Ginny has written and edited the column over the years.  Ginny has shown extraordinary leadership in improving the green space in Frederick County and in helping to educate the public about environmental sustainability.

Past Winners


  • County Employee: Tim Goodfellow
  • County Office: Fleet Services
  • Community Member: Peter Brehm


  • Energy Champion, County Employee: Donnie Crum, Assistant Superintendent of Highway Operations
  • Energy Champion, County Office: Office of Facilities Maintenance, Division of Public Works
  • Sustainability Leader, County Employee: Jason Jenkins, Division of Parks and Recreation
  • Sustainability Leader, County Office: Division of Parks and Recreation
  • Outstanding Partner in Energy and Sustainability: Gary Barkdoll, Manager of Central Shops (Frederick County Public Schools)