Firefighter Recruit Position


1. WRITTEN EXAMINATION – The written examination is scheduled for Monday, October 15th and Thursday, October 18th at the Urbana Volunteer Fire Department, 3602 Urbana Pike Frederick, MD 21704.  Qualified applicants will be notified by their preferred method of notification regarding their eligibility to test by Frederick County's Human Resources Division. Email addresses and postal mail addresses provided in the candidate application will be used for this notice and for those generated throughout the process. Candidates should watch for emails to be sure that messages do not go into a Spam folder.  Instructions will be included in the email about the written exam explaining that candidates need to electronically schedule themselves for a written test date.  

At the written exam, a video demonstrating the Candidate Physical Ability Test (CPAT) will be shown, an overview of the process will be given, and the required forms to include the Advanced Notice Agreement-Tobacco Free Agreement will be provided.   

The written examination will begin promptly on each test date with no late arrivals admitted and should be completed within 4 hours.  Candidates will be required to present photo identification at this written exam. 

Reference Materials:
Background Investigation Packet
Conditions of Employment Agreement

Firefighter Recruit Hiring Steps
Promissory Note
Training Reimbursement Agreement
Volunteer Service Verification Form

For a Study Guide for the Fields Consulting Group entry-level Firefighter exam go to: Study Guide.

2. CANDIDATE PHYSICAL ABILITY TEST (CPAT) ORIENTATION & TOUR – Immediately following the written exam, all applicants will be given an opportunity to attend CPAT orientation which will include a walk-thru of the Candidate Physical Ability Test (CPAT) course and a review of details of the free mentoring program for candidate preparation.  Transportation to the CPAT course will be provided immediately following completion of the written exam, with return transportation provided back to the site of the written exam. Due to construction and classes scheduled at the Public Safety Training Facility, candidates will not be authorized to drive to or park at the CPAT orientation site. Candidates will be required to sign in and present a valid driver’s license as photo ID at the orientation.

Candidates who elect not to attend the orientation will be required to complete an acknowledgement and the CPAT Waiver Form which will be provided following the written exam.

3. CANDIDATE PHYSICAL ABILITY TEST (CPAT) MENTORING & TESTING - Candidates that successfully pass the written exam will be able to come and work out with fitness instructors to help prepare for the CPAT test.  In order to participate in the mentoring and testing, candidates must complete the Physician Authorization Form.  Please follow the link for the schedule of mentoring dates.


If you use a fillable form, please click "Save As" and save to your hard drive-do not save your personal information on the website.
CPAT Physical Ability Personal Information Sheet
CPAT Test Agreement
Doctor's Certification of Fitness to Perform CPAT
Legal Waiver Form
Heat Acclimatization, Hydration and Fitness Literature and Acknowledgement
CPAT Orientation and Preparation Guide
Pre-CPAT Nutrition Guidelines

4. INTERVIEWS - Candidates who successfully complete the CPAT exam will be invited to participate in a panel interview.  Information and details regarding the interviews will be updated at a later date.

FIREFIGHTER RECRUIT HIRING PROCESS: An overall outline of the process which provides important dates to save for upcoming events in the process and information regarding forms and when they are to be submitted to DFRS: Firefighter Recruit Hiring Steps (for candidate use only).

For assistance with any DFRS forms listed above, please contact 301-600-2907.

QUESTIONS- Specific questions should be directed to Frederick County's Division of Human Resources 301-600-1070 or

This site and documents are not presented as an all-inclusive source for information about this recruitment and selection process.  DFRS reserves the right to update and modify the information on this site as necessary and appropriate.