Scholarships/Tuition Reimbursement

The following are some scholarship / tuition reimbursement opportunities available to Frederick County Fire / Rescue personnel.  
  • Maryland State Firemans Association Scholarship Committee Scholarships  
    • "The MSFA Dr. John L. Bryan Scholarship Award," sponsored by this Association. The level of support is determined annually by the committee, based on availability of funds.
    • "The Floyd B. Heimer Memorial Scholarship Award," sponsored by Mrs. Josephine G. Heimer. The current level of support is $2,000 per academic year, subject to change at the discretion of Mrs. Heimer.
    • "The Shock Trauma Board of Visitors Scholarship Award," sponsored by the R. Adams Cowley Shock Trauma Center Board of Visitors. This will be awarded annually by the Scholarship Committee to worthy applicants in Emergency Medical Health Services Programs. Levels of support are determined annually by the committee. Available funds vary each year.
    • "The Delmarva Power Scholarship Award," sponsored by Delmarva Power. The current level of support is $4,500 per academic year.
    • “The Bill and Alicia Olsen Scholarship Award” The requirements for this scholarship are currently being developed and will be posted at a later date.