Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How long will it take me to obtain my new address?

It will take 2-10 days after the Addressing Request Form is received by the GIS Document Shop to process the form and provide a new address.

Can I change my existing address?

Yes. A written request for a change of address assignment is required to be submitted by the deeded property owner(s) with all the required data from the Addressing Request Form. Any changes in addressing cannot affect the existing addressing sequence of other neighboring addressed properties. New addresses are assigned by the county’s official addressing grid and are not determined by the property owner(s). If requestor is located on a common drive, any changes must correspond to the existing addresses off the common drive. For example, if all dwellings along a common drive contain alphas (5601A, 5601B, etc.) and the request is to change to numeric addresses, all property owners on the common drive must request the change to become a numeric format addressing sequences. The GIS Document Shop does not have the power to change or require property owners to change addresses after an address has been issued. All addressing changes must be submitted with written notice of the change from the county on county letterhead to help applicant facilitate the change, such as notifying utilities, U.S. Post Office, Maryland State Assessment Office, etc.

Can I have an address for my outbuilding, workshop, home business, etc?

No. As per the Zoning Administrator’s determination, the zoning ordinance states in Section 1-19-8.321 (H) that accessory apartments shall have the same address as principle dwelling. The same shall be applied to other structures and uses accessory to the principal dwelling.

I am a resident building a new home. What information do I need to obtain a new address?

If you are building a new home in a subdivision, the developer should already have the address for your lot. If you require an address to be issued or verified, you will need to fill out the required items on the Addressing Request Form and submit the completed form with all the required data to the GIS Document Shop. You will need to include the following:
  • A survey or site plan of the property including a location of the building to be addressed.
    Note: A sketch of the site plan is allowed if a survey does not exist.
  • Driveway location
  • Existing addresses adjacent to and/or near the requesting property.
I am in a hurry and cannot apply for a permit until I have an address and the documentation required on the address form is unavailable to me. Can the address request be submitted without this required information?

No. The information required on the application form is critical and required to the process of assigning accurate addresses. When all of the required information is completed on the Addressing Request Form and submitted to the GIS Document Shop, an address will be issued within 10 working days.

How do I get an address for a new Tenant House on my farm?

If this is the first tenant house on the property and the primary house has an address number without an alphanumeric letter, the GIS Document Shop can issue another address number in the correct grid sequence. If the primary house is using an alphanumeric letter in the address number or there are already existing tenant houses using alphanumeric letter with the number, then the GIS Document Shop will assign the new tenant house the next letter in sequence.

Why do I need to use the address assigned by Frederick County and why is it important?

The GIS Document Shop of Frederick County assigns the address based on the county adopted addressing grid system, utilizing Geographic Information System (GIS). Following the assignment of addresses the address is reported to E911, other government agencies, utility companies, and the U.S. Postal Service. Your address is recorded as a part of the data records of Frederick County and becomes your official address to identify your property. Reasons for your officially assigned Frederick County address:
  • The assigned address is the primary method for emergency responders to locate you in an emergency. When you place a call using 911, the dispatcher reports your address number to the appropriate Fire, EMS, or Police and other first responders. In the event of you are having a health emergency and are not able to communicate when calling 911 your address assigned address number is displayed on the E911 dispatchers’ screen.
  • The utility companies for electricity, phone, gas, cable, and government agencies for public water and sewer system utilize your official address for providing services.
  • The U.S. Postal Service mail carrier and private delivery services make a delivery based on the official assigned address.
Can I create my own address number by picking a close address number to my current number or add an alphanumeric letter to my address for an additional residence or business on my property?

No. If you are planning a new structure or addition on your property, consult with the Permits and Inspections for allowable uses and types of structures that can be constructed. The address assigned by Frederick County is your official address and may not be altered unless by official processes.

How are addresses assigned in Frederick County?

Addresses are assigned through calculations in GIS utilizing the Frederick County addressing grid. The address number is specifically assigned by the grid system with the exception of adjustments to make numbers fit within the sequence of previously assigned addresses.

I am a developer. Can I pick an address number that my client would like?

No. Addresses are now assigned using the official Frederick County addressing grid. Address assignment will be determined by the GIS system and will require a site plan for the structure with entrance door location(s) and lot(s) including driveway or road ingress and egress locations. A digital plan submitted in Maryland State Plane NAD 83 feet is preferred.