Addressing and Road Naming

Frederick County GIS provides property addressing assignment and road naming approval in the land development process. Frederick County GIS is responsible for approval of the use of all road names in Frederick County including all municipalities. Proposed road names are submitted to the Frederick County GIS office for approval and reviewed for duplications and similarities to existing road names. The office is also responsible for addressing assignment of properties within the County but not within the municipalities.

For additional information, please see our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ).  You may also contact the Frederick County GIS Document Shop at 301-600-6750. 

Address Request Form

The Addressing Request Form is required to apply for an address. Please be sure to complete the form and submit any of the required documents noted on the form. The Addressing Request Form is available here in PDF form.

Report an Address Error

Accurately mapped addresses are critical to various county functions including our 911 dispatch system. To report address errors, please use our Address and Street Search Application to create a map and submit a Report Error form or simply email us at