Filing an Ethics Complaint

How to File an Ethics Complaint

Filing an ethics complaint is a serious matter. Your complaint will be individually reviewed by the Ethics Commission. It is important to provide as much detail as possible in the complaint. Below are the recommended steps in order to file your complaint.

  1. Review the Ethics Ordinance. The Ethics Committee is bound to follow the law contained in the Ethics Ordinance itself. Something that may seem not right to you may not be against the Ordinance itself. Therefore, it is helpful to include a reference to the potential violation from the Ordinance when filing a complaint.
  2. Submit a written complaint. Your submission must include your name, home and email addresses, telephone number, and a statement as to the facts and circumstances giving rise to the complaint.
  3. Your complaint will then be reviewed by the independent Ethics Commission in accordance with the Standard Operating Procedures.
  4. Decisions on a complaint should be issued within 90 days of receipt of the complaint.