Division of Planning and Permitting

The Division of Planning and Permitting

The Sugarloaf Green Logo with border Opens in new windowSugarloaf Treasured Landscape Management Plan First Draft is now available for public review.

Submit questions and comments to SugarloafAreaPlan@FrederickCountyMD.gov

Expedited Permit

An Expedited Residential Permitting Process is offered for qualified residential jobs including minor interior alterations, basement finishes, small additions, decks, porches, sheds, swimming pools/hot tubs, solar panels and more. For more information, please review the Press Release or watch the video.

Now Hiring

Apply Online Now for immediate full-time and part-time job opportunities with the Frederick County Division of Planning & Permitting! Positions available including Building, Combination, Fire, or Plumbing Inspector engineers, inspectors, plan reviewers, and more. Click here for more information.

Building Exterior

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Click Here to Access the Application Portal

  • Submit and track planning and permit applications. 
  • Submit service requests. 
  • Search public records. 
  • Pay fees. 
  • Request and view inspections.
  • For additional permitting information, visit the Permits / Inspections page.

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Livable Frederick

  • Access the Livable Frederick Comprehensive Planning portal for news, current projects, and other information about Livable Frederick.

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Commissions, Agendas, and Staff Reports

  • Access staff reports for the Planning Commission and the Board of Zoning Appeals.
  • View meeting agendas for planning related Boards and Commissions.
  • Find general information about Boards and Commissions.

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Regulations and  Ordinances

  • Access regulations including the Zoning Ordinance, the Subdivision Rules and Regulations, the Forest Resource Ordinance, the Adequate Public Facilities Ordinance, and the Moderately Priced Dwelling Units Ordinance.
  • Find information about current Frederick County building codes employed.

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Outreach Meetings

  • Access outreach meetings schedules for Development Review, Permits & Inspections, and Planning & Design


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Data and Mapping

  • Access data regarding population, employment, and development.
  • Find a variety of planning maps including the comprehensive plan map and zoning map.

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Frederick County Virtual Public Input Portal

  • Find upcoming events, initiatives, and opportunities to share your input on key topics.
  • Watch and listen to meetings, speak live, or leave a voice mail message to be played during the public comment period.


The Division of Planning and Permitting helps to shape our physical communities with the goal of upholding the highest standards of livability. This involves planning and design, regulatory compliance, and conservation and preservation. Planning and design includes comprehensive, transportation, environmental, and water and sewer planning. Regulatory compliance includes development review, environmental compliance, and life safety. Conservation and preservation includes historic preservation, agricultural preservation, and forest resources.

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