Code Update

Code Update 


The State of Maryland has adopted the 2018 Maryland Building Performance Standards and Frederick County has until March 25, 2020 to adopt any amendments.   At this time, we are accepting comments from Design Professionals, Contractors, the General Public and others for their input to this process.

We have begun our review of updates and changes to the building codes and will be presenting what we feel will be the most significant changes at our Permitting Outreach meeting September 27th.  We will be scheduling other dates and times in the future to discuss these changes and to consider any proposed amendments. 

Attached is a code amendment request form.  We are welcoming feedback from any interested party.   

Should you have any questions, comments or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact Ken Compell, Frederick County Building Plans Reviewer II at 301-600-3353. 

This website will be updated as necessary to reflect the ongoing adoption process

  ·         Code Admendment Request Form