Common Recycling Mistakes

This is an excerpt from our informative flyer 'Recycling the Right Way'.
For more complete information, please view or download the flyer.

Top Ten Recycling Mistakes...
  1. Please don't put non-recyclable materials into your collection container. When in doubt, throw it out!
  2. Do not place recyclable materials inside garbage bags. If it looks like trash, it will likely be disposed at the sorting facility. And, trash bags are not recyclable! (Please note that shredded paper should be placed inside a paper bag, and plastic bags marked with a recycling symbol should be gathered together inside a single recyclable bag. For everything else...keep it loose!)
  3. Do not leave styrofoam packing materials inside a cardboard box or other container.
  4. Never leave liquids inside of containers. All containers should be empty!
  5. Don't recycle disposable cups or other dining waste (fast food papers & packaging, paper plates, plastic cutlery, etc.). None of that is recyclable!
  6. Microwaveable plastics are not recyclable. This includes frozen dinner trays, take-out containers, and items marked “microwave safe”.
  7. Don't recycle thin, brittle, or “clamshell” plastics. This includes fruit, bakery and deli containers as well as others, regardless of what number is imprinted on them.
  8. Do not recycle soiled paper products. This includes tissues, paper towels, paper plates, greasy pizza boxes and waxed paper.
  9. Rubber, PVC and vinyl products are NOT recyclable. No garden hoses, electrical cords, shower curtains, inflatables, plastic table cloths, etc.
  10. Don't place scrap metal (like pots & pans) in a curbside recycle bin; it's accepted for drop-off recycling only.