Water & Sewerage Plan Amendments

Water and Sewerage Plan Amendments

Amendment Review Cycles

All water and sewer plan Amendment applications shall include an Applicant Disclosure Form. Applications for Water and Sewerage Plan map and/or text amendments are processed 3 times per year:
  • Spring Cycle: Applications accepted in March
  • Summer Cycle: Applications accepted in July
  • Fall Cycle: Applications accepted in November

Amendment Process

When an application for a plan amendment is filed, county staff conducts an initial review to determine if all checklist items are met. If all items are met the application will be scheduled for a public hearing with the Planning Commission for a finding of consistency with the Comprehensive Plan. If the application is found to be consistent it will be forwarded to the County Council for a public hearing and final decision. If the application is approved at this stage it is referred to the Maryland Department of the Environment for final approval.