Disability Issues


Accessibility for a person with disabilities allows that person to perform the normal activities of daily living regardless of his or her disability. The commission inspects buildings and infrastructure in the county to ensure they meet the standards of the Americans with Disabilities Act. Some issues that affect accessibility are listed below:
  • Doors are wide enough for wheelchair use.
  • Sinks are at a height where they can be reached by someone using a wheelchair.
  • Curbs and sidewalks can be used by an individual using a wheelchair or by an individual with limited mobility.
Transportation allows a person with a disability to live, work and play in their communities. It allows them to live independently, hold a job and to attend medical appointments. Frederick County is a large, mostly rural county which makes accessible transportation more of a challenge. The Commission is following issues that affect transportation.

Meals for persons with disabilities who are not able to leave their homes are becoming an issue in Frederick County. If the person is 60 years of age or older, they can receive meals with the Frederick County Division of Senior Services' Meals on Wheels program. However, if they are younger than 60 years of age, they do not qualify for this program. Some issues to be dealt with are as follows:
  • Finding programs in the county that will provide food to people with disabilities.
  • Finding disability related organizations that provide services to individuals under 60.
  • Finding volunteers willing to deliver meals.
Emergency preparedness for people with disabilities is a relatively new issue. People with disabilities need to be more involved in the planning process. These issues need to be addressed:
  • Determining adequate notification procedures during an emergency that take into account the many kinds of disabilities.
  • Ensuring that First Responders understand that people with disabilities cannot be left behind.
  • Making sure people with disabilities understand what to do if instructed to “shelter in place.”
  • Providing shelters that are accessible and that allow animals.
  • State and legislative plans.