Sec 1-19-9-210

1-19-9.210 Activities within Danger Reach Areas
(A) Except as provided for herein, within the danger reach area, no land development or fill or excavation operations in conjunction with land development including parking lots impervious to water will be permitted which will increase the flood elevation or expand the danger reach area.

(B) No new lots shall be created which are encumbered by the danger reach area, unless sufficient building area is available outside the danger reach area.

(C) For all new construction a minimum horizontal setback of 10 feet or a vertical setback of plus 5 feet shall be provided from all danger reach area boundaries and shall be maintained or planted with natural vegetation, unless a variance is obtained from the Board of Appeals.

(D) All new subdivisions or site plans shall have danger reach area boundaries delineated and certified by a registered professional engineer, registered professional land surveyor or registered property line surveyor, where applicable.

(E) The above requirements do not prohibit the placement or repair of road or driveway crossings, water impoundments for storm water management, retention areas, agricultural activities, public utility lines, environmental mitigation projects, or other minor wetland fill activities (less than 5,000 square feet of wetland impact) within designated danger reach areas. The owner must obtain all federal, state and local permits required for these activities.

(Ord. 96-02-154, 2-6-1996; Ord. 07-29-469, 9-4-2007)

Division 2. Danger Reach Areas