Sec 1-19-9-130

1-19-9.130 Watercourse Relocation or Alteration
In the event that a proposed development requires the relocation or alteration of a watercourse, evidence shall be presented as part of the permit application that all adjacent communities and the Maryland State NFIP Coordinating Office, Maryland Department of the Environment have been notified by certified mail and have approved of the proposed alteration or relocation. Copies of these notifications shall then be forwarded to the Federal Emergency Management Agency, Federal Insurance Administration. In addition, the developer shall assure the Zoning Administrator, in writing, that the flood-carrying capacity within the altered or relocated portion of the watercourse in question will be maintained.

(Ord. 92-04-039, 2-18-1992; Ord. 07-29-469, 9-4-2007)

Division 1. Floodplain District Regulations