Long Range Transportation Planning

Master Transportation Plan

In December 2001, the county adopted its 1st Master Transportation Plan (MTP). The MTP provides a countywide focus on transportation needs and more importantly supports a multi-modal approach in addressing the mobility needs of the County.  The 2001 Plan map has been updated by the 2012 Comprehensive Plan Update and will be further amended by upcoming small area plans. The MTP includes the following components:

  • Discussion of funding sources and processes
  • Discussion of the relationship between land use planning and transportation
  • Goal and policy statements from existing plan and studies that address the individual transportation elements including highways, transit, pedestrian/bicycle, and the airport
  • Identification of next steps and action recommendations
  • List of long-term projects
  • List of short-term projects

Transit Friendly Design Guidelines: The purpose of these guidelines is to provide developers, planners, and appointed and elected officials with information about the benefits of transit-friendly design and to encourage the use of design elements that make commercial and residential developments more transit friendly.

The planning for local transit service is addressed by the Transportation Development Plan (TDP). The plan is updated every 5 years. The TDP assesses current services and also recommends transit improvements and expansion for the following 5-10 year period. The current TDP was adopted in 2015. TransIT Services also works with an appointed committee, the Transportation Services Advisory Council (TSAC), to identify transportation trends and issues and to increase awareness of transportation alternatives.